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4 60 Minute Couples Lesson

·. Price:$370

Workshops at your workplace/class

·. Price:$250

4 60 Minute Individual Lessons

·. Price:$210

Couples Private Lesson

·. Price:$100

Individual Private Lesson

·. Price:$60


About us

Brother Carey is a professional Chicago based Steppin instructor Whether you want to be a comfortable social stepper or a competitive stepper, Brother Carey is specially trained to put you in touch with Chicago Steppin'.

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11 reviews
  • Delores Farabee·

    Carey's class is awesome, I truly enjoy his class and learn something new each and every class session. Thank you so much Brother Carey for my wonderful stepping experience.

  • RJ·

    Guys do no be spectators ! There are basics to know to “ Stepping.” Brother Carey works with you to be “The Lead” for the dance we love “Stepping!” Everyone is going crazy with the “Stepping “.. Guys don’t get left out… Don’t be at a reception when dancing is & you can’t step ! Another guy may ask your girl to step !! You need Brother Carey

  • Delores Farabee·

    I've been in Brother Carey's class for about 5 months now, Love each and every time I attend this class, It's always something new to learn, he is a wonderful instructor, and I do believe I am now a stepper.

  • Mary H.·

    Had a wonderful dance experience with Brother Muhammad. After giving it much thought, I took the four week session and I’m so glad I did. It gave me a smoothies dance and made me feel more confident in my turns.
    Thanks you very much Brother Muhammad.

  • Mary H.·

    I absolutely loved my session with Brother Muhammad and his lovely wife. They are so easy to work with and very patient. So glad I signed up after giving it so me thought. Can hardly wait for my next session.

  • Doris Jackson·

    Easy access and comfortable environment. Bro Carey is a great teacher and I like the fact that his wife assisted him with demonstrating some moves. I was also given pointers to help make my dancing look smoother.
    I enjoyed the class.

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